Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Papa recalls.

It would seem friends that Ive been a little hasty in congratulating Makolo on his good work. Whilst preparing battalion hats to go out to a new batch of customers the Papa was dismayed to discover that his exacting specification have not been met and that Makolo has been at the torpedo juice instead of monitoring the floor at the production facility.
In a just move the Papa has not sacked Makolo but merely demoted him from captain of the native labour force and put him back on the line tying grass skirts for tourists.
The hats, well the Papa has had no choice but to withdraw them from the market and refund the monies already paid by those wonderful customers that have been quick to purchase this lastest collection. The Papa is sincere in his apology but will be back in near future when all issues have been resolved. As for Makolo, well I'd be checking the knots in the next grass skirt you buy!

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