Friday, September 21, 2012

Papa x Birdwell Beach Britches.

There's no need to reinvent the wheel as the Papa can attest and as  much as I would love to develop my own surf trunks I have to admit there is nothing on the market quite like Birdwell Beach Britches. Since 1962 Birdwells of Santa Ana have been making bullet proof surf trunks that are legendary. In this day and age its so easy to make unsubstantiated claims about quality and the big three of the surfing industry are often the worst offenders, serving up the latest and greatest in a hope to win over the uninformed and to schmooze shareholders focused on dividends, but Birdwells? Birdwells just make great shorts, pure and simple. The Papa's has owned 9 pairs and every pair has lived up to expectation before being passed on or sold off to finance a new pair.
Taking advantage of the custom make service, the Papa has pulled out all the stops this time around to create a truly unique pair of trunks for this summers surfing season using the last of Birdwells WWII USMC frogskin camo nylon. Custom options include 60's inspired football lace front and double rear pockets and in the true nautical tradition of the US Navy, matched silk liberty cuffs on the internal waistband that evoke the mystic power of the Sirens and enlist the fortuitous blessings of Neptunus Rex allowing the Papa to wear the mantle of the Seaweed Caesar.

Over time Birdwells take on a patina second only to vintage denim, the constant assault by salt water, sun and wax bleaching out the print and encrusting the thread lines. Shown below are my old pair which are 6 years old, battered and beautiful showing all the signs of a mutual love and hard wear. The Papa now looks forward to his new pair and a new era on the beach, the adopting of a new favourite and the riding of  new swells, the future is bright indeed!


  1. Hi Papa, another great piece, where can I get one like yours because I didn't find this patern on the birdwells website.

  2. FANTASTIC! I agree nothing compares to Birdies!

  3. There is an abundance of custom options available, just ask the questions. These include colour fabric panels tie fronts length and fullness of cut. They are not always customer friendly in the modern sense of the word but they do great work