Saturday, October 16, 2010

James "Chubby" Mitchell.

Chubby Mitchell's de-lightful touch at Makaha, circa late 1950's

I have lots of favourite surfing photos but this one is a stand out. There's a light-footed grace which speaks volumes about the essence of style.
Chubby Mitchell was a Hawaiian that moved to California in the early 50's and lived near Manhattan beach. Chubby was 5'7" played football for San Jose State College and was a superb athlete even though he weighed in at 285lbs. He was a jazz lover who was known for his cross stepping, nose riding, an enormous appetite, sharp wittedness and elegant ukulele playing. There's something about this photo that inspires me to want to strip back everything superfluous and to focus purely on the quintessence and soul of the foam dance.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tropical decor the Papa way.

The Papa loves Orchids.

Sketches from the Front line 1943 number 9.

Sketches from the Front line 1943 number 8.

Day dreaming in the islands and remembering that first day in 'life drawing class'.

Sketches from the Front line 1943 number 7.

And after the war has finished what of peacetime..

Sketches from the Front line 1943 number 6.

"Huh cheap white labour, him fella no good longa Angua-boy"

Sketches from the Front line 1943 number 5.

Fashions in the Field, via Solomon Islands 1943

Zoot suiting the army way!
Man oh man,
Lamp this sadistic cape with the murderous drape
Shoulders a' swagger knees all a' bagger.

1943 Fashion colours, Olive, Khaki, Rust Khaki, Khaki Khaki

Despatch Rider or Catwalk Fashion?

Sketches from the Front line 1943 number 4.

Sketches from the Front line 1943 number 3

Some members have of course been preparing themselves for the 'after struggle' for sometime.

Post War have nothing to fear girls the concert piano awaits you.

Sketches from the Front line 1943 number 2.

Difficulty in sending and recieving messages in the Signal Corp.

Sketches from the Front line 1943

Home for Xmas

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Papa Sale is On Now!

Ok fans here we go. Im posting my goodies all of which I purchased whilst living in Tokyo 1996-2000, Many now are quite collectible and so Ive asked a very fair price for them I believe. As this is not an auction I guess its first in best dressed so the first email I recieve requesting the item wins that garment. As far as shipping goes its impossible to be exact so I'll charge a flat $25 and send to anywhere in the world using airmail unless you specify otherwise. My email is and so is my PAYPAL account. All prices are in US dollars.

Item 1. SOLD
Skull Jeans Yellow Sweat shirt size 40" Great cotton sweat, vintage box shape with wide ribbing very clean and hardly worn bought in Daikanyama at their store.
Price $50.

Item 2. SOLD
Barns Japan White sweatshirt with USMC AVIATION spray print, size marked as 40"-42", square boxy shape, a little grimey at collar but in good condition.
Price $30.

Item 3. SOLD
Allen & Hanson workshirt in unbrushed flannel twill. A fabulous re-make of a Big Yank style workshirt. This was bought from the Emporium which is a bizarre little store in the back streets of Harajuku behind Meji Dori and Otamosando. Allen & Hanson from what I can understand is a collaboration label between Evis and Take five and Emporium in a way that only the Japanese can really appreciate. The Papa was just confused but bought the shirt anyway. Size is marked 40" and condition is excellent with cool detailing.
Price $75

Item 4. SOLD

Real McCoys 8Hour Union sanforized chambray workshirt. Fantastic original McCoys shirt in vintage grained chambray super tight weave with a snappy character, condition is excellent. Styling is similar to a WWII USN shirt. Triple stitched felled seams, side gussets, Navy plastic buttons. Size marked Large 16.
Price $100.

Item 5. SOLD

My favourite Real McCoys 8Hour Union chambray workshirt. This ones a beauty! Cotton and linen chambray mix which creates a very textured appeal with a distinctly vintage appeal, very 1930's effect. Great pocket details, twin stitched felled seams, side gussets, union made tag etc. This shirt shows why the McCoys at this time was the absolute best. Tagged a size 16-16 1/2.
Price $120.

Item 6.

Original 1940's super tight weave fine poplin,'Aerocrat' shirt. Military-esque design with epaluetes and anchor buttons. At one time appears to have had 'change' buttons. Beautiful qualtity with the finest stitching Ive ever seen, amazing manufacture that makes you realise the state of the art in those times. Dark navy blue this poplin has plenty of Pop! Size unmarked but will fit a 40"
Price $60.

Item 7. SOLD

Cushman of Japan Boiled wool sweater. Magnificent navy military sweater in a heavy wool styled after a vintage 1940's althetic sweatshirt with sweeping gusset insert and wide bask. Yellow/Gold felt sewn on lettering of a Military Signals Unit. Essential for the uncoming winter, Buy it Now!! Condition is excellent with only minor pilling. Size unmarked but 40"-42" sizing.
Price $110.

Item 8.

68 & Brothers New York City. Purchased this great WWII US Army pull over workshirt from Backdrop in Shibuya back in the day when 68 were getting established. Strange that so many people think this is all new but the truth is these brands have been at it a very long time. This shirt is perfect for doing KP duty in style, think Montgomery Cliff in 'From Here To Eternity'. Cotton linen mix with a slub texture. Size Medium to fit a 40" chest, condition is excellent rarely worn.
Price $70.

Item 9.

Real McCoys 8Hour Union canvas engineers railman pants. Heavy duck canvas work pants styled after vintage Carhartt I believe. Super rugged and tough and a great look with double knees, worn a little shorter with loggers boots these are perfect for traversing the urban forest. Size 34" waist, inleg is 27". Washed up with a nice patina, condition is excellent barr one broken stitching at pocket corner.
Price $90.

Item 10.

Real McCoys Military Division, HBT WWII US Army pants. Nice item I bought from the original McCoys store in Daikanyama. Waist is a size 36" and inleg is a shorter 23 1/2". These are a true vintage fit with a very deep rise and wider legs. I used to wear these in winter so I could tuck in a sweater and then wear a navy wool work jacket over the top, A-1 Mechanics beanie and my loggers boots. Wearing them short was a styling tip I got from a 20's photo taken up in Washington State where the lumberman had his pants half way up his 12" calked boots
Price $70.