Thursday, November 8, 2012

A seat on the PAPA's truck or a life of anonymity?

Now hear this! This is your Papa speaking.
Men of the Beach Battalion, your mission is to spread out wide and seek new members to join our elite team of sartorial watermen. Let it be known that this is the final roll call for the frog spot issue design and that $45 plus $5 postage will buy you a seat on my truck. Be swift and enrol now or be forever a part of someone else's army. The choice is yours.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Buy Now! and back The Beach Battalion.

Papa Nui's Combat Beach Battalion Hats are back!
Finally there's a new run to fill back orders and all those of you that were desperate to pick one of these frog spot beauties.
Papa's unique take on the WWII daisy mae breathes new life into an old favourite. Rare USMC pattern HBT camo with a soft flexible brim that can be customised a dozen ways. Grab one now as numbers are limited and many are pre-ordered. Sizes are 57cm through to 61cm. All beach battalion hats are washed by the Papa and come with personalised tag.
Send AUD$45 plus a flat $5 for all destinations international airmail to Papa's paypal:
Any questions? Just ask the Papa.