Saturday, December 8, 2012

Papa Nui Combat Beach Battalion.

Combat beach battalion hats get 'em now! Don't wait for the impending summer to warm you ears be prepared, close your eyes and think balmy thoughts, swaying palms, endless peeling point breaks, white sands and golden tans, all bought to you by the Papa!
$50 buys you the dream! includes shipping international airmail. This is the last run, QUALITY MAKE, all native labour, support Makolo and his mary's, Chief Urulu is always on his case to meet minimums of the Naval production contracts so don't let him down. Get one today, sizes 57cm-61cm. Paypal the PAPA,

Papa Nui Enterprises Inc.

Papa Nui Enterprises, purveyors of cold beer, grass skirts, polynesian pop and Pacific rim souvenirs, plate lunches, stocks and bonds, marriages and divorces, liquor, tattoos, surf surplus and supply, hats, caps and t-shirts, munitions, cat food, WWII collectibles, hula supplies, aloha curios and live bait.

Papa Nui Frog Spot.

Stamp testing on brown beachside out frog spot camo. Courtesy of Maloko's product development department, Taratupa Island, Some where in the South Pacific.

Meet Moloko.

For those of you who are curious about Papa Nui's secret island production facility here's an introduction to our head man. Meet Moloko. Moloko is in charge or the native labour force working on Navy Department Contracts. All of Papa Nui's Combat Beach Battalion Hats are made under Maloko's watchful eye. The complaints department Maloko wears in his waistband, his machette, 24 inches of blackened steel courtesy of the US Marine Corps.

Papa Nui's Beach Assassins.

Get off my beach Nazi kooks!!

Loose Lips sink ships.

Keeping the gaff to a minimum cause enemy ears are listening. The search goes on to uncover the mysteries behind Papa Nui.


"Where there is no hand there is no heart ". Michelangelo.