Thursday, January 30, 2014

Papa Nui Combat Corsairs Caps. The final push.

Men of the Battalion welcome to the Atoll News.
Scuttlebutt this week is that the PX is fast running down on sizes in the Papa's fabulous Combat Corsairs Cap. The Geedunk Officer reports that Jungle Patrol Green in sizes 57cm and 58cm are all gone however Beach Brown is still available. All other sizes still have both colour options but this situation is changing daily as the Battalion pushes closer to the front and requires more of Papa Nui's killer surf and supply equipment.
So if you've been sitting on the fence this past month waiting to buy then now is the time to jump in! Choose the colour of your cover and wear the Papa with pride. Summer is just beyond the horizon, trust me the Papa knows! And this season its going to be hotter than ever, hot enough to shrivel you up like a New England hag. So lay your plans, write the Papa and order your Combat Corsairs Cap. $75 gets you the cap of your choice plus FREE international airmail to all locations globally and then the honour of becoming a acclaimed Battalion member.
Papa Nui never your average 782.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Papa Nui wears the Eastman USN t-shirt.

How often do you read the description of products as being an authentic pattern based on a period original? All the time I bet, and yet you know its all bullshit but these companies honestly believe their customers will buy these claims. Well not this Papa!
Gary Eastman of the Eastman Leather Company has done what every other company claims to have done, except that this time its the real deal. Using several vintage WWII USN t-shirts as a base, Gary has used the best of Japanese manufacturing techniques to pull these originals apart stitch for stitch and then recreate them in especially loomed wheel-looped slub cotton jersey. The results are outstanding and worthy of the 2 years R&D it took to develop the idea.
The fit is awesome with a narrow and close fitting body shape with a shorter sleeve and a neck opening that is wider that a crew but not ridiculously scoopy either. In short, its about as perfect as you can get without buying a dead-stock original. This is high praise I know, but realistically this is perhaps the best t-shirt I've ever owned and coming from a part of the world where t-shirts are the au-rigueur you get to know real quick what's what.
Beautifully packaged and priced at UK 39.99 it's a must buy for any true enthusiast.

Packaged in a small printed cardboard container this tee is beautifully presented.

Fit reference, yes I knew you'd want to know about this so Giggles got her camera out to shoot this expose.
The Papa is wearing his new Corsairs Cap in Experimental Night Op's colourway and original American Optics aviators sunglasses.

Note fit: slim through the torso but not contemporary tight. Sleeve is short and fits just above the biceps. Neck opening is actually really flattering and doesn't choke rub and irritate like a crewneck tee does. Length is sufficient to tuck in and stay tucked but not too long as to not be worn out.

Sizing is genuine and accurate. In everyday wear I would normally wear a size medium, somewhere between a 38"-40" or around 18" across the shoulders ( the way I ensure vintage purchases fit me is always to know my shoulder measurement). In these photos I'm wearing a size 38". At first it appeared quite snug but after repeated washes and wearing the size is a beautiful fit, by far my favourite tee I own and the beginning of repeated purchases.

Nomenclature contract print is authentic and is reproduced exactly from the original samples.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Combat Corsairs Caps Now All Japan Manufacture.

The Papa knows caps. A lifetime under the Pacific sun has taught him a thing or two about being able to hunker down under a brim of substance and so with a generous adaptation of the WWII A-1 sun visor, the Papa introduces to his battalion, the Combat Corsairs Cap. Produced exclusively in Japan by special arrangement with the John Lofgren Clothing Factory this is quality as only the sons and daughters of Amaterasu can produce.

Limited to 100 pieces you can choose the colour of your cover, Beach landing brown or Jungle patrol green. Sizing runs from 57cm through to 61cm.

To support the Papa and his thrill thundering salute to the men of the South Pacific, Pay Pal the sum of $75 USD to and recieve a cap worthy of duty on any front plus free airmail shipping to any location on the globe
Papa Nui, never your standard 782.

* wholesale orders available on orders over 10 pieces, email the Papa.