Thursday, January 30, 2014

Papa Nui Combat Corsairs Caps. The final push.

Men of the Battalion welcome to the Atoll News.
Scuttlebutt this week is that the PX is fast running down on sizes in the Papa's fabulous Combat Corsairs Cap. The Geedunk Officer reports that Jungle Patrol Green in sizes 57cm and 58cm are all gone however Beach Brown is still available. All other sizes still have both colour options but this situation is changing daily as the Battalion pushes closer to the front and requires more of Papa Nui's killer surf and supply equipment.
So if you've been sitting on the fence this past month waiting to buy then now is the time to jump in! Choose the colour of your cover and wear the Papa with pride. Summer is just beyond the horizon, trust me the Papa knows! And this season its going to be hotter than ever, hot enough to shrivel you up like a New England hag. So lay your plans, write the Papa and order your Combat Corsairs Cap. $75 gets you the cap of your choice plus FREE international airmail to all locations globally and then the honour of becoming a acclaimed Battalion member.
Papa Nui never your average 782.


  1. Best.Cap.Ever.

    I still wish I hadn't missed your Beach Battalion Hat....
    First world problems;)

  2. I wish you consider your fans w/ big heads, specifically 7 5/8.

  3. 999 across I'm sure I have your size. The international hat converter chart says 7 5/8 is a 61cm. I believe I can do. Let me know.