Friday, January 3, 2014

Combat Corsairs Caps Now All Japan Manufacture.

The Papa knows caps. A lifetime under the Pacific sun has taught him a thing or two about being able to hunker down under a brim of substance and so with a generous adaptation of the WWII A-1 sun visor, the Papa introduces to his battalion, the Combat Corsairs Cap. Produced exclusively in Japan by special arrangement with the John Lofgren Clothing Factory this is quality as only the sons and daughters of Amaterasu can produce.

Limited to 100 pieces you can choose the colour of your cover, Beach landing brown or Jungle patrol green. Sizing runs from 57cm through to 61cm.

To support the Papa and his thrill thundering salute to the men of the South Pacific, Pay Pal the sum of $75 USD to and recieve a cap worthy of duty on any front plus free airmail shipping to any location on the globe
Papa Nui, never your standard 782.

* wholesale orders available on orders over 10 pieces, email the Papa.

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