Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Papa Nui Combat Corsairs Caps Available Now.

A little bit of Ernest Hemingway and a lot of Admiral Halsey results in a pretty powerful concoction but add also the studied formula provided by Airedales off the Bird farm and graduates of Canoe 'U' and what you end up with is Papa Nui's amazing Combat Corsairs Cap. A cap absolutely necessary for a life spent under the fierce Pacific sun, a covering to protect from coral glare and the shimmer of Oriental waters.

Inspired by products 'field-made', the Papa's generous adaptation takes the A-1 sunvisor and builds on a period classic low profile four panel ball cap shape. The result is an aviators cap worthy of duty on every front. Choose a colour to suit your cover! Beach landing Brown or Jungle patrol Green.
Papa Nui's Combat Corsairs caps are produced by exclusive arrangement with the John Lofgren Clothing Factory Japan, so quality and integrity are an absolute.

This release is limited to 100 pieces world wide and the Corsairs Caps are available in sizes 57cm through to 61cm.

To join the Papa in this glory rousing salute to our heroes of the South Pacific, the Jar heads and Deck Apes the Blue Jackets and Brown shoes, the fighting Battalions on Sand and Sea, send $75 USD to the Papa's Pay Pal account, rocket_ace47@hotmail.com and receive the cap of your choice plus FREE airmail shipping to any location on the globe.

The Combat Corsairs Cap not your standard 782, get yours now!

* wholesale orders available on orders over 10 pieces, email the Papa.

The Papa announces.......

The Papa announces, All Japan Manufacture!
Papa Nui's Combat Corsairs Caps are produced by exclusive arrangement with the John Lofgren Clothing Factory Japan. Quality and Integrity an absolute.