Thursday, July 28, 2011

On the Road.

See you all back here in 21 days!.

The Papa concept and the origins of a species revealed.

Papa Nui is many things and while many of you reading this blog may know the persona the actuality is that Papa Nui is both a place and a brand also.
Papa Nui the place is the outer reef break off Waikiki, beyond Queens and past Chunga. Its one of those majestic breaks that only begins to churn at 20ft plus and a wave steeped in historical significance as a testing ground for Hawaiian Royalty. In the 1930's Duke Kahanamoku supposedly christened this place, 'Papa Nui' in honour of the big boards used to ride these monster swells, Papa is the Hawaiian word for board and Nui equates to big.
In searching for a brand name that realised all the essential ingredients of tradition, heritage and soul, I couldn't have stumbled onto a better combination and thus with a desire to produce truly great surf wear I created Papa Nui Soul Crafted Surf Trunks with a promise of 'Aloha sewn into every stitch'.
As much as I love what I do I admit its been a constant struggle to realise an idea when its impossible to throw a steady stream of money to make things happen and so it has taken the better part of quite a few years to come close to a working sample. Admittedly most of this time has been spent in realising the concept from name to logo, from function to form but now it feels like I'm getting closer.
As this month ends I'm finally off to the East Indies with a new board in tow and a test pair of Papa's shorts. Built out of classic red nylon chosen for its ability to slide and not bind to the surfers leg, these trunks are sewn together with a durable 30's size thread. Ive done away with clumsy velcro fastening systems and instead incorporated a fool proof gusseted front fly, simplifying the on and off process without damaging the fabric or the tie-lace. On the back Ive adopted an innovative use of a truly traditional vintage pocket, a style icon drawn from America's rich tapestry of work wear. The specially functional design allows the pocket to expand for your wax without placing stress on the shorts. The sign off will be a woven patch sewn on the front leg in the shape of a classic 1960's D-fin and baring my mark, PAPA NUI.
Whilst my shorts are still far away from the production line, its encouraging for me to see them conceptually sound and I look forward to a
time when I can be shipping out finished goods to my blog supporters and cyber world friends.

Live Life Love Aloha - the Papa

Picked up the long awaited board but my tailor wasn't so efficient, looks like it's the Birdwells in Bali instead.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Beach Buzz.

Sky Raider getting real low over Vung Tau.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A work in progress.

The spontaneity of ideas often amazes me at times. Right when Mr BigFish and the Papa are working on the new snub-nose mini simmons collaboration (The Papa Torpedo) for me to take to the East Indies at the end of the month, Rivet Head comes along and posts a teaser about NY clothing company CXXVI. Here I was about to give my new board the olive drab assault make over and lo and behold Im inspired to go in a completely different direction based on the T-shirt graphics perused on the CXXVI site.
Grabbing my pens I worked up an entirely new approach to board graphics. This one is bound to raise some brows in the water. As we speak the Torpedo is being glassed over but for now I thought Id just give you a sneak preview of what's to come, stayed tuned for the real thing shortly.

(Papa Nui and 'Soul Crafted' are copyrighted to the Papa, so don't get any funny ideas)