Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Papa's artist profile

Papa NuiPapa Nui is a log rider and Australian artist currently residing on the edge of the South Pacific Ocean. He loves the sea, sand and coconuts, Jeeps, P-38’s and Michener’s’ beach boys. His paintings and drawings are inspired by a fascination with WWII and 1960’s monster art. The Papa is also a vintage clothing aficionado and sartorial enthusiast who collects 1930’s and 1940’s work wear, military, denim and Hawaiiana. His collaborative design projects include work for Levi Strauss Japan, The Real McCoys and various international surf brands. The ‘Monster Papa’, is the latest in Papa Nui’s portfolio and has been developed exclusively for Lofgren Original Garments and Speedway Sendai.

Monster portraits by the Papa.

And so with the worst month or two of swell I can remember in the last 10 years, we all have to find things to do in our spare time, thus no surf = a day of painting! The latest in the Papa monster series includes these two portraits of Monster Marine, Semper Fi!! and of course my beloved Monster Luther Billis USNCB.