Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Summer of caps. Papa Nui's 2015 line up.

Avenger Cap

The Papa's latest update of his original Corsairs Cap is the new Avenger Cap.
Following recommendations made by Com Air Pac directives the Avenger is built tough in 9oz herringbone twill and utilises a revised custom visor pattern. It's a cap that is as good looking as it is rugged. The under visor is lined in billiard green twill to tame the savage sun and is soft and pliable and ready to be flipped up and swaggered in. So whether you're strutting your stuff down Hotel Street to Wo Fats or making an entrance at the Gooney Bird Hilton its Bravo Zulu Papa all the way!


Catalina Cap

Those Navy Boys are a jealous lot! On the decks of the Bird Farm the Flyboys have been crying out for a cap of their own. 'Forget them god'damn Leathernecks Papa, give us a cap for service at sea". And so the Papa delivers a cap born of the South Pacific, designed for maximum protection from the sun but with a visor suited to cramped cockpits and gun turrets. A stubby mid weight indigo denim makes for substance while a under visor of USN life raft yellow provides a marker of safety and a signal of hope in stormy seas. The Catalina is the much favoured choice of Cat Crews and Plywood Canoes.

The Original Corsairs Cap

The Papa knows caps. A lifetime spent under the Pacific sun has taught him a thing or two about a visor of substance to hunker under when the sun would shrivel you to a New England hag, and so with a generous interpretation of the WWII A-1 sun visor the Papa introduces the Original Corsairs cap. A true aviators cap inspired by all things 'field made' and featuring a customised brim built around a period 4 panel crown. The Corsair launches onto the decks in a beautiful USMC Frog Skin camouflage perfect for the Papa's famous fighting Battalions.

Beachmaster Herringbone Twill.

A hat designed for service on land and sea. Part Daisy and part Dixie and all utility this new adaptation is taking beach heads by storm, prompting Admiral Halsey to decry, "Damn you Papa and those fancy sunbonnets of yours, there's not a man in regulation on the entire Atoll, you Huckster! You drygoods salesman!".

Beach master Italian Camouflage.

Flamboyant 'sprezzatura' M-29 Italian campaign camouflage liberated from a Salerno warehouse when the Papa's uncle, Roldolpho Russo landed there with the US 15th as part of Operation Avalanche.

So its all ahead full this summer with Papa Nui's 2015 line up made by exclusive arrangement with the John Lofgren Clothing Factory in Japan where quality is an absolute! 
The Papa is available in the Northern Hemisphere through the Iron Heart Denim Webstore, log on and check them out or ask Giles for the scuttlebutt!

Down under you'll find the Papa at RHD Righthand Distribution in Adelaide South Australia, or a select grouping through Pickings and Parry Fitzroy Melbourne Victoria. 
If all else fails email the Papa direct and let him sort you out with what you need.

Semper Papa.