Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lofgren x Heritage Research.

There's a very good reason why John Lofgren's name is appearing everywhere in the bloggersphere of late and that is because his brand is fast becoming the label of choice for a discerning clientele the world over.
John's product draws it's inspiration from a style and a quality of another time, a time when substance and tradition were considered important and pride was taken in craftsmanship and excellence. John brings a carefully curated eye while focusing on iconic details underpinned by the highest level of manufacture.

Recently a friend of the Papa's pulled into John's Speedway store in Sendai and bought me a shirt as a gift. The garment in question? A magnificent collaboration project between John Lofgren and UK based label, Heritage Research. This combined vision produced a remarkable interpretation of an early century work shirt made in a printed cotton design of spades and aimed squarely at the burgeoning market towards speciality heritage garments.

All the essential features are there, combination pocket watch and ticket pocket configuration, fob button hole, tab collar, chain stitch french seams and side gusset construction.

This shirt is truly the perfect style for the contemporary track walker or the urban yard boss and John Lofgren delivers yet again with his amazing take on rugged individualism.