Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Here we go again friends, The Papa offers you two beauties from his island quonset PX.
The first is the all so hard to get Post Overalls Royal Travellers vest in light weight khaki poplin. Not only are these difficult to come by but they cost a fortune especially with the Yen conversion, the ridiculous payment methods and trying to find one in stock and an outlet to sell you one, all the dramas of dealing with Sakurasville. This one is a true size medium, so if you wear a 38"-40" chest then this is for you. this vest is extremely popular because of the quality make and the unique 30's style pockets on the exterior. on the inside there also two pockets, see last photo of vest turned inside out.
This is hardly even worn, perhaps three times so it goes up for sale at $325 including international airmail to any location. I assure you this is a lot less than what I ended up having to pay once I was committed. First in best dressed so email me at rocket_ace47@hotmail.com and its sold to the first email I get.

This amazing Japanese replica is a 1930's style Mackinaw sports parka. A highly desirable and rare commodity. Heavy wool with side zip to pullover as well as front half zip and two great hand warmers at front. Bought back in the early '90's in Tokyo and then really never worn, I think maybe once as it never got as cold as what I wanted it to be. From memory I believe this one is from the Buzz Rickson stable, perhaps Style Eyes. Size is Medium 40". Price Im going for is $400 on this one as its a piece you never see anymore and anything comparable from Bootleggers is in the $800 vicinity in todays dollars, so a fair price, post on this however will be perhaps $50 as its a heavy garment. Again same deal as above email me if want this.

Im selling these two off reluctantly as usual but in order to build better Papa Products I need to grease the wheels of industry first.
Thanks a looking forward to your emails,
Semper Papa.