Friday, March 16, 2012

Extra Extra! This just in. Papa Nui signs Chief Tali Urulu!

(Above photo, The Papa and the Chief, courtesy of Leatherneck Magazine).

This story just in! So folks in an unprecedented turn of events after many long months of negotiations, Papa Nui has finally smoothed over a deal with Chief Tali Urulu of Taratupa Island, somewhere in the South Pacific. The agreement calls for the wily old chief to provide a native labour force to assist the Papa at his jungle production facility. Manufacturing will commence shortly although the exact type of goods being produced is still being kept top secret. You can rest assure however that when the time comes and the canoes are loaded the shark skins will be beating out the news far and wide across the infinate Pacific.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

San Fernando Valley Mercantile Company.

The Papa has had the good fortune to be invited to work on some projects with the great folks over at the San Fernando Mercantile Company and lucky enough also to receive one of their magnificent selvage denim lace back caps.
This cap took me quite by surprise as I was expecting something typical in a mid weight denim perhaps 9oz but behold this wasn't the case at all. This baby is all guts, a solid 14oz for sure and I bet it'll be one that wears to a beautiful patina as she ages with time. I couldn't resist asking 'Giggles' to get out her camera to shoot this cap but not before I gave it a southwestern flavor and a reservation style.
The San Fernando Valley Mercantile Company have their own website with plenty of great cap styles to be had along side canvas newspaper boy satchel bags, t-shirts, hand woven indigo scarves and more. These folks have the Papa's seal of approval!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Somewhere in the South Pacific.....

Not far from Taratupa Island, behind a thick palm tree curtain, lies the secret manufacturing facility of the Papa. It is here that he breathes his genius into one project after another.

In this inlet a mere one hundred years ago, Piratical Corsairs sallied forth armed with the Kris and spear to wage war upon colonial merchants trading for spices along the coastal archipelagos. Now however idle Mary's sit chewing beetlenut under a lush tropical canopy, employed by the Papa to man his peddle powered Singer sewing machines. Aye, but what do they produce, did I hear you say? Of course, only the finest collaborative goods, each made with care and a watchful eye and aloha sewn into every stitch. Recently the Papa drove the Willy's down a narrow track to a clearing in the jungle, off Navy property, beyond prying eyes at the the back of the PT base. Here he met some industrious Sea Bees and after much bartering the Papa managed to trade a lurid pile of yellow attabrine dyed grass skirts, 'all hand tied', for a bolt of the elusive good stuff, a roll of USMC frog camo herringbone twill! This rare acquisition sets the imagination ablaze! What wonderful products will the Papa create? What will be added to his inventory of Surf, Surplus and Supply? Hold fast and stay true loyal cohorts of the Papa, all shall be revealed in time.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

6th Annual Alley Fish Fry.

Another year rolls around and lo and behold I'm back at the Currumbin Alley Fish Fry again!
The brain child of the Big Fish himself, Grant Newby, the fish fry this year opened its ranks to all manners of innovation in shaping. Originally conceived in Oceanside California as a celebration of the humble twin finned fish, the Australian event is now host to all contemporary shapers to get together with their peers and share their inspiration and ideas.
The Papa ventured out early this morning with all the best intentions of covering the meet only to find that when he arrived his camera had been ransacked of spare batteries by the man-boy 'Chip', Arrgghhh!!!
This brief pictorial was shot before the last EverReady gave up the ghost.

Eden Saul's Dead Kooks, fully resin'd, massively logular, d-fin powered.

Diverse, Blue tipped resin heaven.

The Papa Represent! Papa Torpedo shaped by Grant Newby.

Shoji Muto's 3'9" Simmon's Paipo hybrid.

Grown, from Lennox Head NSW, hollow timber and red tint fury. A 5'8" s-deck round tail single fin that just pleads fun with a capital F.

The future is fantastic! Grant Newby's innovative epoxy vacum bagged timber simmon's quad. A board in Six Hours! No glassing required, just rubbed back with superfine grit sandpaper and oiled with Lanolin this baby is fast fast fast! Beautiful Japonese 'future' fin set up packs power and adds grace.