Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Somewhere in the South Pacific.....

Not far from Taratupa Island, behind a thick palm tree curtain, lies the secret manufacturing facility of the Papa. It is here that he breathes his genius into one project after another.

In this inlet a mere one hundred years ago, Piratical Corsairs sallied forth armed with the Kris and spear to wage war upon colonial merchants trading for spices along the coastal archipelagos. Now however idle Mary's sit chewing beetlenut under a lush tropical canopy, employed by the Papa to man his peddle powered Singer sewing machines. Aye, but what do they produce, did I hear you say? Of course, only the finest collaborative goods, each made with care and a watchful eye and aloha sewn into every stitch. Recently the Papa drove the Willy's down a narrow track to a clearing in the jungle, off Navy property, beyond prying eyes at the the back of the PT base. Here he met some industrious Sea Bees and after much bartering the Papa managed to trade a lurid pile of yellow attabrine dyed grass skirts, 'all hand tied', for a bolt of the elusive good stuff, a roll of USMC frog camo herringbone twill! This rare acquisition sets the imagination ablaze! What wonderful products will the Papa create? What will be added to his inventory of Surf, Surplus and Supply? Hold fast and stay true loyal cohorts of the Papa, all shall be revealed in time.


  1. A great tale with a proper dose of humor and suspense. hbt frog camo...just added to the want/need list