Friday, August 30, 2013

Dreams, Deliriums and Dead mens clothing.

If you can believe all the scuttlebutt of late it would appear that the Papa has another one of his island projects on the boil.
Word from the Marianas to the Marshals, from the far flung Polynesias to the savage Feejees is that the Papa is engaged in an exclusive collaboration T-shirt with his good allies down at RHD Adelaide.
This Tee promises to carry with it the smell of warm climes and exotic locations and as always Papa Nui's sovereign cure for all winter ills, colds and catarrhs, that inherent glow of tropical sunshine exclusive to his residential abode.
But the living ain't always easy out here on the Atoll, No Siree! Sometimes the sheer remoteness of Papa's manufacturing facilities can create all sorts of difficulties. When raw material shipments were lost to I-types coming through the straights, Papa's entire delivery went to the bottom of the channel. How then to get a blank t-shirt to print? A call goes out, the base signals office, the sharkskin drum, a cry of dismay, a plea for help. Every able Zoom pigeon, Airedale and Sea dog, every Master of vessel, Sea bee and Blue jacket pitches in, until an idea surfaces a stratagem develops! From the most unassuming corner of the Island but from the darkest resources of the human mind, a mechanic steps forward, a crap shooting grease monkey from the motor pool Mafia, ' To hell with it Papa, lets just steal them!"
And so just like that the operation begins. a clothes line here, the base laundry there, the officers compound, the Admirals quonset, god forbid even graves registration oh no!
Until at last on Papa's doorstep a basket full of blank t-shirts appears. Some small, some large, some white and some yellowed with age, some holed and stained from distant battles of the campaign but each different from the next, each unique with its own story. A stroke of brilliance yet again, Oh Papa, what shall be grand in thee!
Papa Nui's RHD tee coming soon. Rag house rescue, old dirty and fucked up, hand sourced original fit tees, hand printed with water base inks, hand measured and hand stamped, limited quantities available, exclusive to and the RHD store

Friday, August 23, 2013

Photo Recon.

 It's a beautiful day on Taratupa and this morning the sun is beaming through the palms and warming Papa's home isle. Always the avid photographer the Papa set off down to the base on the leeward side of the island to see what the boys were up to..........

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Leather favourite.

 Papa has been watching carefully the growing interest in vintage 30's style leather jackets as can be attested by his previous post on the Colimbo outdoors jacket. Today however Patrick Segui's new venture Norshor Leathers steals the show. Patrick teamed up here with friend Mark Fisher who learned his craft under the watchful tutelage of leather guru John Chapman, and together they are set to release an ultra limited product line to market.
The Papa loves an original interpretation and here Norshor has created a steerhide wonder. Referencing key period styling elements Patrick and Mark have an acknowledged nod to the barnstormer, the A-1 and Cossacks jackets as well as the A-2 and concieved a linking garment with honest ancestory. The concept of the what 'could have been' garment resonates well in a market overstuffed with "authentic" remakes. This beauty features leather with a gorgeous patina and a unique flowing pocket design with sweeping curves enhanced by a smaller compass pocket feature and crowned with vegetable ivory corozo buttons. The pockets are riveted for extra strength and the front zipper is secured with pigeon eye grommets at the base. Of all the leathers the Papa has seen to date this one is a scene stealer for outright creative genius and masterful good taste. Patrick Segui's blogspot Riveted is perhaps one of the best on the internet and now he has a leather company that rivals his blogspot. Patrick, Mark, fantastic job lads, you have my pre-order.

Patrick Segui.
Mark Fisher.

Sweat it out.

Looking for the perfect vintage style sweatshirt isn't an easy process and with so many options available to choose from it can become confusing. The more you search however the more you begin to realise there's lots of very generic choices. For me so far its come down to a few options, this beauty from Warp and Woof and another marle wonder by Hellers cafe.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Leather from Colimbo.


The thing I love about Colimbo is that it is so completely fresh and original and stands so far apart from what everyone else is doing. Combining a love of vintage outdoors and vintage clothing and producing an amazingly detailed product is what they do best. This leather jacket is a beacon that shines with its super exaggerated pocket flap curves and gorgeous colour interpretation. Colimbo is definitely a brand to watch