Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sendai Brown for Winter Workers.

The Papa is putting together winter looks using his newly bought Lofgren workwear as a base. The core elements here are the Natural seeded selvedge chambray shirt which has a beautiful weight and fine texture.

Heavy brown duck bakers pants from John add authenticity when teamed up with Papa's custom belt from Warp and Woof. The Navajo stamped buckle was cast from an original out of a 30's Montgomery Ward Catalog and the Papa had Carnelian stones added. These duck pants will age beautifully when worn and washed down.

The Brown Duck cap was made for the Papa by Warren Schummer of Vintage Workwear and features a shoe string lace up back. Set against old Redwings this is an awesome combo.

Lofgren internal labelling.

 Redwing vintage label.

John Lofgren's Speedway Shop in Sendai Japan is one of the few establishments in the Far East that ships abroad hassel free. If you've ever had to deal with Japanese retailers you'd appreciate this point no end! Contact Speedway, talk to John and tell him the Papa sent you.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kirra point turns it on.

This is Sam Yoon. Sam is a Gold Coast local who lives at the Southern end within striking distance of Currumbin Alley, Snapper Rocks and the famous Kirra Groin. A few weekends ago he paddled past me on a particularly beautiful Sunday morning when Kirra was cranking, we exchanged pleasantries and talked a bit about his recent trip to Hawaii. As swell lines approached he turned around and paddled into a set wave. From the beach this is what it looked like. Sam sets up with a graceful old school Island stance, legs apart arm trailing in the wall, it reminded me so much of  Hackman or the Owl back in the day. Go Sammy go!

Moloko and the Corsair.

Moloko loved aeroplanes, especially the Corsair F4-U which the Marines had lined up and down the coral airstrip at the end of the Island. " Alla same big fella bird!" he used to shout, ecstatically, until one day the Papa took him up for a pass or two over the jungle. Ever afterward he walked in silence among the black men, a soul apart, like one who had discovered things best hidden from humanity.

Dad's in plaid.

Ahh once upon a time swim shorts were such a simple thing, no nylon, no draw cords and no wax pockets! Oh and no belly buttons either!


Now the Papa is a tolerant man, but ever since he started blogging about the wonders of a life in the South Pacific all sorts of pretenders have been showing up on the Island. Case in point, The Papa and Moloko were visiting Chief Urulu the other day, invited as guests of the village to sit in on the local Boar's tusk ceremony. The Papa spied in the crowd of onlookers a somewhat mustachioed Hollywood type taking notes with a pad and pencil. Adorning himself with an array of maile leaves, kina shells and flowers this imposter would appeared to have stole his whole gig from the Papa, he was even wearing a Papaloha shirt. Is nothing Sacred?

Papa's Wahines.

Now you know how the Papa finds tropical climes tolerable.

Aloha from the Papa.