Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Laurels for Lofgren

We take it for granted that the Japanese are the only ones out there doing great reproductions however this is not always the case. Of late there's been some great additions to the market place by companies around the world including Rising Sun Jeans in Pasadena and even Pike Brothers in Germany but for me hats off goes to John Lofgren of Lofgren Traditional Garments in Sendai Japan. For a Gaijin to make any impact in the zenophobic closed shop that is Japan is amazing, to take on the Japanese at their own game is even more courageous. For me my money is on Johnny-boy! The stuff that he has started to produce is really great and certainly worthy of wardrobe space in our closets, what's even better is through his store the Speedway Shop you can purchase online and he will send it across the globe. In admiration of his achievements I wrote a little spiel about his gig. Enjoy and thank you, The Papa.

A California native and long time resident of Japan, John Lofgren is the creative force behind Lofgren Traditional Garments.
John’s vision for a brand began when he first ventured into a thrift store in the early 1980’s and sensed a deep connection with the style and quality of another time, a time when substance and tradition were considered important and pride was taken in craftsmanship and excellence.
The Lofgren brand embodies these values, timeless, traditional and superior, like an old pair of blue jeans. It’s about garments designed for a customer who understands the difference between fashion and eternal style, who recognises the graceful fading of indigo or the gentle patina of time on an old leather jacket. It’s a brand that connects the customer to an exclusive circle between the designer, textile maker and craftsman and allows for a rugged individualism in the wearing of the product.
Drawing inspiration from 19th to mid 20th century American style and an archive of original vintage items, Lofgren Traditional Garments handcraft their classic and enduring products in Japan using artisans to construct a collection that has a sense of history underpinned by the highest level of quality in manufacture and materials.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Funding the Julian Boots. A Papa Sale?

Friends of the Papa, your ear for a moment if I may.
In thinking of ways to fund a pair of custom Julian loggers boots I was wondering is it worth posting a bunch of my stuff here for you to view and perhaps buy or should I go to ebay? I have a bunch of early McCoys shirts from the mid 90's, all their catalogs dating back to before their bound volumes, A Buzz Rickson nylon L2b in olive drab with a Bell experimental patch, McCoys duck work pants and an assortment of other vintage goodies. Im just time poor at present and the listing process on ebay is such a drag.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

40's Aviator sunglasses.

My 1940's aviators really set off the USN herringbone cap I had made whilst away in the Indian Ocean. Im thinking these are perhaps American Optics 18K G/F, a little more interesting than your straight up Ray Bans eh?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lace to Toe Julian Smoke Jumpers.

These Julian handmade boots would have to be one of the most magnificent things Ive seen in a long long while. I know they're bound to cost a fortune but Im thinking I've just got to have a pair. Does anyone know his contact details? Through Rising Sun Jeans perhaps?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Teenage Ingenuity.

Despite my pleas my son went ahead and got his first ink. Although I wish he hadn't I was also secretly pleased that he at least chose a Sailor Jerry flash. In his efforts to be able to wear shoes without rubbing, Chip came up with this solution, "Van-e-drilles" I suggested, "no Vans Homme" he counted.