Monday, September 27, 2010

Funding the Julian Boots. A Papa Sale?

Friends of the Papa, your ear for a moment if I may.
In thinking of ways to fund a pair of custom Julian loggers boots I was wondering is it worth posting a bunch of my stuff here for you to view and perhaps buy or should I go to ebay? I have a bunch of early McCoys shirts from the mid 90's, all their catalogs dating back to before their bound volumes, A Buzz Rickson nylon L2b in olive drab with a Bell experimental patch, McCoys duck work pants and an assortment of other vintage goodies. Im just time poor at present and the listing process on ebay is such a drag.


  1. go for it!! what do you have to loose anyway !?? i might get some stuff !

  2. Hi Papa,
    please take me your list at
    Thanks !!

  3. Ahh the French Connection, thank you my friends!

  4. If your followers are your size for clothes -sounds great - but wouldn't Ebay offer a greater audience? Why not list here first for a few days and if no action you have Ebay as an option. Lagunie

  5. Hi John… I've just sent a post for my blog with your covers of "Field and stream cover". Hope Its not a problem for you… thanks in advance… I wait impatiently for brown beach hunting coat and shawl collar cushman… you can also email me pics of your second hand clothes to my mail adress… best regards

    Arnaud/ Vilbo

  6. howdy papa!
    let me know watcha got ......4 sale of course

  7. Greetings!

    I'd like to be in the loop as well. Also need to sign up so I can be a follower and not just an outsider looking in....

    Thanks Papa!!!