Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Sea is MY brother.

 Just for the record.

Awaiting the Catalina.

Papa Nui Corsairs Caps coming soon!

Winging their way from somewhere in the South Pacific, watch this space!

Digging Dinah Shore.

The old man sketched this one up in 1943 when he was up in the islands laying the foundations of the Papa Nui enigma.
It was published ten years later in the 'Signals', the story of the Australian Corps of Signals.

Papa's new digs.

For those of you curious about the Papa's production facility, here she is! the finest constructed bamboo and palm thatching that money can buy. The Papa wishes to express his gratitude to the 144th Sea Bees, Chief Tali Urulu, Moloko and Emile Kalakoa of the Native Labor Force and the Papa Nui Brand Protection Unit respectively for all their hard work.

The Papa says...Welcome!