Thursday, March 27, 2014

'Coconuts' Kennedy, M.Nii Senators and the Papa.

'Coconuts' Kennedy was one of the Papa's founding members. 'Coconuts' was so named because the local Mary's thought that his thick shock of brown hair reminded them of the husk from a coconut. 'Coconuts' relished his mantle and proudly wore his Corsairs cap perched at a jaunty angle of the back of his head with his husk profusely sticking out the front.
Back in '43, he and the Papa zipped around the Blackett Straights at dawn in the pre-light looking for ideal reef breaks when the combination of wind and tide would be right to drag out their logs. Jumping from the deck of the PT and paddling into the shelf, 'Coconuts' and the Papa would ride the South Pacific swell lines drawing elegant patterns across those shallow draws.
Sometime after, the Papa heard from one of his coastwatchers that 'Coconuts' was involved in some sort of a collision with a destroyer and that he totalled that plywood canoe of his and that when he was finally rescued, the government flew him home and made him President of the United States. Whew! the Papa thought, not bad for a surf bum who only ever wore a pair of trunks and one of the Papa's caps.

Many years later the Papa received a letter from 'Coconuts'.

Hey Pops,
Wish you were here. Have been hanging out at Malibu with a new set of cronies, Lawford, Monroe, Chamberlain. Nice folks! Surfs been cranking but miss our sessions together. Hope all is well. Have found some new trunks and thought you'd be interested. See attached,
All the best Papa,
Your pal JFK.

Ahh the M.Nii's, yes the Papa knows, seem to remember a blogpost on this very subject not too long ago. This new style is called The Senator and with a legacy linking my 'ol friend Coconuts to this product, the Papa thought that to do him justice he would purchase a pair. Contrary to any previous discussions this short is quite the happening style, dare I say the perfect vintage short and worthy of any poolside weekender rendezvous? After a few paddling sessions the Papa must also concede that it ain't a bad surf trunk either, possessing that most wonderful combination of good looks practicality and purpose.

As this magazine attests, 'Coconuts', had quite the adventure out in the South Pacific. God's speed Skipper and rest in peace my friend, the Papa's thoughts are with you.

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

AHOY! Convoys Avast! New Warm Wools for the Long Watch.

:Attention Papa Nui.Stop.Send more stuff.Stop.Convoys in the North Pacific and Liberty Ships bound for the Aleutians require warm wools for the long watch.Stop.Please help.Stop:

    Deep within the jungle curtain that conceals Papa Nui's secret island hideaway, an urgent message reaches the base signals office. A cry of help from the highest authority, The War Production Committee!
    The Papa muses. The cold remote North Pacific, immense, wild, watery and unshored. Not an environment close to the Papa's heart, perhaps its time to call in the big guns? 
    The Papa attempts to pull off a collab bigger than the Potsdam Agreement. England, Japan can you help? The answer? Negative! The initiative dead in the water. What to do?
An idea emerges, grows, the Papa breaks out the archives and researches. A decision is reached a battle cry declared.


   The Papa backs the attack one stitch at a time by assembling his team of expert knitters. They turn dense warm pure Australian Merino into a 10 ply service wool wonder, The Convoy Cap!
    Conceived from original Red Cross wartime patterns the Merino yarns are knitted in deckwatch black to create a Convoy Cap that will hold you through the darkest night, through tempest and typhoon and through winds as direful as any that lash the salted waves. 
     The Papa has done it again protecting the lifeline of freedom, providing you with non-regulation essentials for your kit.
     Help the Papa celebrate our heroic crews on the surface and beneath the silent seas.
Papa Nui's new Convoy Cap comes in deckwatch black and is free-sized. Each cap has been lovingly recreated with authentic details that include a circular needle construction technique ensuring no rubbing seams for maximum comfort, plus an original WWII redcross woven label as well as the addition of a period patriotic tinny pocket topper. 

     As always Papa Nui's products are extremely limited so don't delay a moment longer PayPal now and Remember Purl Harder!

Send $80 USD and receive your handmade 100% pure Australian Merino wool Convoy Cap.
International airmail postage is FREE to all destinations.

*Corncob and Convoy photoshoot care of Papa's sweetheart 'Giggles'.