Sunday, November 3, 2019

The Papa turns a new corner: The Tarawa Shirt.

From caps to garments? Not such a stretch, it was only a matter of time till my resources had accumulated enough to be able to embark on new projects. It is very difficult at times to think of caps in isolation when often they're part of a bigger story or a more precise look. Id always created my own rational anyway. In wartime it was not uncommon for a garment factory to get instructions from the War Board Authority to supply whatever was needed, so it stands to reason that my production facilities should also be that flexible.

We begin then with the Tarawa shirt. The prerequisite here being that it should look like it has come from Papa HQ. I started with my original WWII sample of the US Navy N-3 work shirt which had proven to be a favourite of mine for its versatility in all weather conditions, perfect as a based layer shirt in colder climes and then on its own, a sensational warm weather item for the tropics. Taking my idea to John Lofgren in March this year we did a pretty intensive search to turn up a beautiful 4 oz cotton poplin that matched the original concept perfectly, tightly woven for sun and wind protection and yet light enough to become a truly comfortable favourite. Available in both the original Olive colour and also a Navy blue I then focused on those intricacies of detailing that I so love about vintage shirting, adding a tab collar, enlarging the chest pockets to be more practical, adding vented eyelets under the armpits, and anti-tear side gussets and then using the very best of Japanese production facilities to have this idea realised. There's only 75 in each colour and are sized from Small through to XX-large so basically a 38"- 46". 

Obviously your patronage is greatly appreciated and so on the eve of the release of the Tarawa shirt I just wanted to share some of this process and background with you to help you understand the insight of the product.  It's a big step in the development of my brand which remains still a one man operation that's completely capital funded, hence the delay in releasing product because as they say, 'No bucks? No buck rogers!'
Hopefully once the Tarawa shirt hits the market, the window of opportunity will allow me to fully explore other projects currently waiting in the wings, including a custom milled chambray Sea Bees work shirt and matching cap, PT boat crew indigo jacket and trousers, Frogskin beach shorts and much more.

Tarawa shirt will be available through my online web store as well as through Self Edge stores throughout the USA, Iron Heart in the United Kingdom as well as Pickings and Parry in Melbourne and the Big Trouble Store in Sydney Australia.

In the meantime enjoy my product story and some of the photos of the Tarawa shirt on location in the Coral Sea.

Here’s what Leatherneck Magazine has to say:

Battle tested on the coral Atolls of the South Pacific by the toughest Sea Bees in the Navy, the new Papa Nui Tarawa shirt is a hit! 

The Papa’s inspired version of the US Navy N-3 work shirt takes shape with utility and function in a wonderful interpretation of military work wear realized in 4oz cotton poplin: collar tab, Underarm eyelets, side gussets with thread runoff, internal chain stitched felled seams throughout and made in Japan’s finest facilities, the Tarawa shirt meets the demand. Whether youre building a jungle airstrip or a forward PT base, the Papa now has you covered head and shoulders above the rest.

  • 4oz Japanese milled 100% cotton poplin.
  • Prewashed for comfort and accurate sizing.
  • Collar tab.
  • Underarm vented eyelets.
  • Anti tear side gussets with thread run off.
  • Internal chain stitched Felled seams.
  • All Japan manufacture.
  • Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL.