Thursday, April 17, 2014

Atolls and the Aleutians.

Another idyllic morning on the Atoll. A warm soft breeze off the Pacific gently caresses the palm fronds and the tropical sun with its early dappled light sits low in its trajectory.
Behind the lagoon on the leeward side of the island where the PT boats are moored, stands the base laundry.
The Papa is in urgent conversation with Boats Mulcahey. In the background under a tree, Papa's side kick Moloko, is napping.
" Aww c'mon Boats, I need those t-shirts", the Papa pleads.
" Yeah yeah you're always needing something aren't you Papa, last week it was an ice machine and a dynamotor and the week before that an electric iron and a hot water heater, now you want more t-shirts! Geez, you damn near cleaned me out last time Papa, The Admiral even sent his shore patrol down here to see if they could recover his civvies!"
The Papa rubbed his stubbled chin and replied, " Well Boats you know how it gets, supply, demand, its the economics of free trade".
Boats spat, " You might call it free trade, but I call it black market. Papa you're just a huckster!"
" Now now Boats no need for name calling here", the Papa replied, " I'm just doing my bit. I've got an order to get up to our boys on the front and the Supply ships leave tonight.", he said.
" A dry goods salesman Papa, a damn mountebank! ahhh to hell with it alright alright!
But 30 is all you get! I can't spare anymore, as it is I best start thinking of an excuse for those two sub crews that put in the other day, boy when they find out their laundrys been appropriated, seesh! Go on take them now and git, and don't come back soon!"
"Thanks Boats," the Papa said genuinely as he hurriedly filled his kit to overflowing with the white T-shirts.

Back to Papa's quonset supply shack and the screenprinting whirls into action. An exclusive release. A new print. A celebration of our boys in the North. A gift from the Papa!

30 reclaimed t-shirts, all bearing the wear and tear of campaigns past, stained by distant battles forgotten on the road to victory.
Water based ink, hand printed hand washed and individually measured. Each shirt completely unique, no two holes the same.

Send $45 to the Papa now. PayPal
Measure your favourite tee across the chest and email the Papa, he will get Moloko to select a corresponding size from the Boats Mulcahey collection for you. International airmail to all destinations is absolutely FREE, none of that ebay fixed postage shit here folks!

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