Friday, June 18, 2010

Papa Nui's US NAVY custom bed socks.

I love the utility of military items and am always thinking of other unique items to add to my kit. This thought process often sees me conceptualising new pieces. A few months back while perusing Etsy I came across an English woman living in Turkey and working with Anatolian wool who made these fantastic moccasin style bed socks. She has some dinky pattern with flowers on them but I could see much more potential and engaged her services to make me these custom socks. I have to say Im pretty pleased with the results and lie around at night imagining that Im recovering in the base hospital surrounded by pretty nurses.


  1. Ah ah ah ah pretty nurses are not included in the sock's price ah ah ah ah !!! ;)

    The socks seems to be really comfy and warm.

  2. No nurse included but if you're feeling like Florence Nightingale you're more than welcome to sit bedside and dampen my brow with a wet cloth.

  3. Read in wikipedia about Florence : "Although much of Nightingale's work improved the lot of women everywhere, she had little respect for women in general preferring the friendship of powerful men." + " She set an example of compassion"
    Ah ah ah ah ah ah !!! ;)

    You have too much imagination Papa Nui !! ha ha ha ha :)

  4. Dude,

    you are the real big styler!

  5. So the sellers name is theknitbox on ETSY I looked her up last night and it would seem she's got them socks all over her site and her sell record indicates she's making a bundle out of the Papa's idea, Oh well plenty more ideas where that one came from.