Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Old man and the Sea

Another big thanks to Rivethead for this great snap. I had to include it on my blog as I believe we often struggle to imagine ourselves years down the line and how we adapt our style so that it is also importantly age-appropriate. I am often bemused by the 60 year old Elvis syndrome, which is a classic case of those guys who cannot find a point of view in their person style that stretches beyond their early involvement in one youth culture or another. It encompasses many many men. I still see it at the beach on a regular basis, there is always that guy about 40 plus,with the same haircut he had at 17 years old and still wearing the current teen-inspired surf look. Some people just resist growing up. It shouldn't be however a kiss goodbye of all the things you once enjoyed but rather an embracing of the future and the freedom to express yourself beyond the narrow opinions of your peers.
The photo above is just an effortless expression of the individual, rugged and masculine, pure utility without a trace of fashion and yet the Hemingway-esque cap and trashed Marine sweatshirt speaks volumes. I can only hope that in my next 20 or so years that I can also encapsulate a look that is this timeless.

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