Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Field and Stream Covers 1930's

Well folks from some of my previous posts you would get the drift that the Papa digs the great outdoors be it beach, field or forest. On a recent cleanout of the shed I came across these fantastic Field and Stream Magazines from the late 1930's. At the time I collected these I was on my Hemingway, Gary Cooper, Zane Grey journey. I traversed the urban forest in Vintage Filson, Dry Back and American Field. I loved these covers with their hand painted art. There's something to be said for the commercial artist of yesteryear, before photographic covers and now photoshop there was a genuine soul to their work. On top of this there is the rugged sartorial element to the images. Being outdoorsy never looked so good and duck cloth never so fashionable. Below is a selection of my favourite covers for you to enjoy.


  1. Waoouh !!! Great covers…
    I've just opened my blog… I'm a french clothing collector. Hope french 20's to 40's fashion will give you inspiration… of course fishing and hunting will be my favorite themes…


  2. Hi John… I've just sent a post for my blog with your covers of "Field and stream cover". Hope Its not a problem for you… thanks in advance… I wait impatiently for brown beach hunting coat and shawl collar cushman… best regards

    Arnaud/ Vilbo