Monday, February 18, 2013

The Papa and the Salty Merchant.

                                           Papa Nui meets Salty's Short Supply.
For the first time in decades there's an excitement back at the beach. All along the coast small entrepreneurs are doing interesting things. building businesses or supplying select customers with goods that the major surf industry in its complacent ignorance could never have imagined. Walk into any large surf retailer and the concept is so obviously stagnant, dead and dated. Venture into the world of the Internet, blog pages or the revitalised back streets of the beach where rent is affordable and you'll find an air of excitement, a buzz, a thrill, a renewed cultural explosion of the beach lifestyle in all its alternative magic, a million miles removed from glossy posters and pro events.
One of the hundreds of young individuals thumbing their noses at the surfing Kremlin is Byron shire local Brent Wayling. Brent is owner of Salty's Short Supply. He's just a regular guy with an idea about beach togs. Salty's shorts encapsulate Summer, pure and simple. They're lightweight, bright and fun. There's no tech here in cut or fabric, but there's life! There's the breath of the ocean and a warm glow on your skin, there's cool drinks in hot climes and a knowing wink from fellow beach-goers that also know where its at.
Salty's are available online at or at any of the weekend markets along New South Wales north coast, Byron Bay/ Lennox Head or in Queensland at Burleigh Heads or Like Salty's on facebook


  1. thx Papa à good idea for this summer!!it's your short? like the dead kooks x salty!

  2. No Mr C, Brent has his own thing going, the Papa? Well we'll see... One day perhaps!

  3. Good on ya Boys ~ a bit jealous of the Gold Coast Summer..Cheers, Federico