Monday, February 18, 2013

Papa's rationale of absence.

When I first began blogging nearly 4 years ago I felt there was so much to say and to talk about. There was my observations, my experiences, my hopes dreams and aspirations and of course my unique point of view on things. Somewhere in the last six months however my enthusiasm waned and I've been conscious ever since to try and make the effort to find my rhythm again. This hasn't been easy because I felt that there was so much noise and traffic out there in the bloggersphere, Tumbler and Instagram that the things I most wanted to say were being drowned out. However with the encouragement of my friends my readers and my followers on Facebook I'm feeling the time might be right to participate again. In saying this my blog is not for the popularist, nor is it meant to be, if anything its an expression of self. Its the world as viewed through the Papa's eyes, sometimes fragile, sometimes fiercely opinionated but all the same it's my view through and through. You wont find any reposting of fashion media hype here, if I like something I'll tell you why, I'll have an opinion and I'll plant my style banner firmly in the sand. The Papa is back!