Friday, October 14, 2011

Swabby Style.

Ive often mentioned in my blog before that servicemen were not always general issue. We assume that military standards carried the day when in reality the opposite was perhaps closer to the truth. In the 'field' much was tolerated.
I like this pic for just those reasons, it says everything about the individual and little about the service, from his private purchase denim dungarees with the single rear pocket and re-inforced seat and the wide leather belt to the swabbies hats in the background which look suspiciously like the 1930's tennis hats available from the Quaker Marine Supply Company. There's a deck worthy reference here for all of us to remember, adding our own individual touch is far more significant than the slavish devotion to a particular fashion.

My apologises in advance for credits on the photo, some of these images are saved for months or years prior to a moment of inspiration, this one though could be Rivet head or Riveted, either way thank you guys.

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