Friday, October 14, 2011

Papa's Torpedo Craft.

There's something about PT-boats that I love. I think its the sleekness of their lines and the way their hulls rise up high on their wide flat sterns as they speed towards a run. There's the spray streaming against your face and the sea air lashing at your temple and the roar of those big twin screws thrusting you forward to battle. Its aquatic and equine in the same breath, a water-borne cavalry charge. Recently I came across a few historical sites, one of these, PT-King, had some great photos which Ive re-posted. For the best in Hollywood's portrayal of these plywood war machines, view John Ford's 'They were Expendable' or see Cliff Robertson in PT-109 or on a lighter note the boxed set starring those good hearted swabbies of McHales Navy makes you realise that 'ol Wally Binghampton is a comic genius.

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