Saturday, June 25, 2011

Snub Nose Hydro Hull.

Today's postings are definitely an ode to all the great artisans out there in bloggersville some of which fortunately are my friends. Here we have the handy work of Mr Big Fish, the curator of the alley fish fry blogspot and dear friend and confidant of the Papa. As you may remember Mr Fish Fry and the Papa have had a more than a passing fascination with the late 1940's board designs of Bob Simmons. This new collaboration brings all the qualities of WWII US Navy hydrodynamics and blends them into a contemporary adaptation of the hull lift concept.
Snub nosed and barge-like with a 23" wide deck and powered by twin cupped keels this little vehicle is fast, fabulous and capable of amazing feats of maneuverability.
This proto-type will be used as an X-board for another version on the drawing board for the Papa to take over to the East Indies later in the year.
Incidently, also in these photos the Papa is wearing the new Lofgren Japan denim selvege chinos, US Navy denim ball cap and Real McCoys USS Leyte t-shirt.


  1. Great Pics Papa !

    Love everything, the board, the outfit ! Very smart.

    (Big Mama)

  2. Hey, are those the Lofgren denim chinos? Looking good!