Saturday, June 25, 2011

Geronimo by War Path.

One of the lasting influences of my life has been a facination with Native American Indians, Ive read and absorbed much about them, their culture and art especially being a wealth of reference points for anyone interested in design and style. When Matt of War Path leathers posed the question to me, was I ready for another belt?, I immediately knew where my inspiration would be drawn from.
Referencing a great book I have on Geronimo I adopted a design practice used by the Apache. Indian artisans adorned their leather belts, bridle bits and implements of war with brass tacking studs in patterns akin to the Navajo conchos. I sent Matt my ideas for him to interpret and this week in the mail the most magnificent belt arrived exceeding my expectations with its weathered and battered patina reminiscent of the very harshness of the desert badlands that sheltered the great Apache leader Geronimo.
With the help of 'Giggles'and her camera we captured these shots today to help Matt in hawking his wares.


  1. Oh la la la Papa !!!! Wonderfull design ! Matt is a killer !