Sunday, March 6, 2011

Warrior in swim trunks.

During WWII the US Navy recruited it's first underwater demolition teams from the small community of surfers of Southern California's coast.
This magnificent photo comes from US Navy War Photographs published by US Camera and compiled by Edward Steichen USNR and was originally posted by


  1. got this amazing book STEICHEN AT WAR back in the late 80's...BTW PAPA ,you might be able to help here as i miss one item,to complete my WW2 USN N3 regulation outfit : got the HBT pants,jacket ,shirt but i'm missing the HBT cap .so many times i've passed by one ,but at the time i was hardcore AAF stupid me ....let me know. i'm a 7 1/8.cheers

  2. I had one Patrick but sold it on ebay 'cause I didn't really like the fit. I prefer the USMC shape rather than that modified A-3 style. Will keep my eyes open though no worries.

  3. We want more pics :) .... ok .... "I" want more pics.