Thursday, March 24, 2011

Real McCoys A-2 Russet Brown.

I haven't made a decision as yet but I was toying with selling my gorgeous horsehide A-2 that was made for me by the Real McCoys back in their heyday. Im curious to see what you think its worth or what you may be prepared to pay for it? As you can tell its about as perfect as one can imagine and would certainly make someone very happy. Post me with your thoughts, regards the Papa.


  1. Keep it. It's too much beautifull to be sell + made a pic wearing it :)

  2. sold mine from the same period a" rough wear" last year on ebay and only got 650$ .keep it

  3. what a shame it is not even broken it.
    Put it into the washer and see how it turns out
    Keep it. Life might get tougher some day
    b rgds

  4. Currently on Ebay (which you already might know) is a vintage A2 jacket with 17 bids already ($207) and 8 days to go. Unless your closet is bursting or you want the money for something else you have a little gem.

  5. Crazy man ! Why to really sell it ???