Saturday, December 18, 2010

Papa's legacy unearthed.

As a family we used to go to the beach all the time and some of my fondest memories are when I think back to sitting under the huge striped canvas umbrella. My brothers and I would make fun of our father who loved the beach but was never much of a swimmer. To get him to take his singlet off was a major effort but when the Casbens came out, wow that was a big deal! Dad had walked into David Jones, one of Sydney's premier department stores back in 1948 and bought his Casben swim shorts and they remained forever the stuff of family legend. I remember them on family holidays all throughout the late 1960's and also when my parents took me on coastal surfing adventures in the mid to late 70's up the north coast and into Queensland. They were forever present, rarely used for anything more than sitting on his towel and for the life of me I can't ever remember them getting wet.
Last weekend two of my brothers went over to Mum and Dad's house to help them spring clean the place and so I put them up to the task of unearthing the Casbens.
Mission accomplished! And now, 62 years on the Casbens are in my possession and ready for a whole new summer ahead.


  1. Do these have the abrasive fishing net support ? Perhaps that was the reason Jack never took to the water in them, for fear of irreversible skin irritation.

  2. Sir Brain,
    with an inseam this short the netting is the saving grace other wise you wouldn't have to guess my religion!