Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Neptunus Rex validates the Papa.

Avast ye mateys! Be it known to all Sailors, Soldiers, Marines, Landlubbers, Park Statues, Box Car Tourists, Politicians and others who may be honored by his presence that PAPA NUI has been gathered into the fold: has been duly initiated into the many mysteries of the order of the deep and shall henceforth and forever enjoy our royal protection. Be it further known that by virtue of the power vested in me by all living things of the sea, I do hereby command my subjects, the mermaids, sea serpents, dolphins, skates, eels, whales, sharks and all other denizens of the deep to abstain from maltreating his person should he fall into the Sea.
Disobey this order under penalty of my Royal Displeasure.
DAVEY JONES his majesty's royal scribe.
NEPTUNUS REX ruler of the raging main.


  1. Wow so coooooooool ! You rock Papa !!

  2. Papa..were you a sailor..did you cross?

  3. No David but I come from a long line of islanders and my grand nonno many generations removed led a successful naval action against Marmaluke pirates.