Friday, August 20, 2010

Holiday style the Papa way.

The Papa is home!
Be it a grass skirt for the folks back home, a boars tooth bracelet for a sweetheart back in Pearl or a hand hammered silver Shilling ring for that nurse on Tulagi, you can rest assured that there was a resourceful, enigmatic and entrepreneurial sea bee, sailor or marine that could put his hand to the manufacture of accouterments to enhance his government issue kit.
In the true spirit of the fictional South Pacific Sea Bee Luther Billis 144th USNCB unit, the Papa has been busy.
Ah yes show me a third world tailor and watch the sparks of creativity fly. In an eternal effort to create the perfect summer beach kit the Papa came up with some new items including beach pillows, 40's style trunks and his fave piece a version of the rare BA-2 USN deck cap which during the war was an experimental garment under limited release and was available only in indigo denim.


  1. Simply stunning...

  2. I have this cap in denim (repro by Mash), but in this version, wow!!great!!

  3. Yes Sir Mr.C, I also have the MASH cap which I bought in Tokyo in about 1996 and it is much loved albeit a little trashed out so having it remade in HBT made sense. Im really pleased with the results and its now my fav piece of headgear. Thanks for your comments.
    The Papa.