Sunday, November 8, 2009

Vintage Leather Jacket update...

As a struggling artist and part-time shopboy the Papa laments the day he returned from Tokyo and stopped recieving those mega paypackets to help the Japanese develop replica vintage. However as a vintage sartorial enthusiast the Papa always tries to keep up to date with what going on up there in Sakurasville. This posting is a few choice selections from the FEW.

As you would expect these jackets are absolutely beautiful but we tend to think of the Japanese as the only ones capable of producing such exacting replicas... The Papa begs to differ! Papa Nui would enjoy taking this opportunity to introduce to you, David Himmel, Vintage dealer from Toronto Canada. A giant in supplying vintage to the world, David has realised a dream to reproduce insanely gorgeous leather jackets. His inspiration is drawn from a lifetime of collecting leathers and his particular angle is to recreate the kind of jacket George Raft would have worn in his truck cabin in the filming of "They Drive By Night". He has also worked successfully with Hollywood to ensure their historical research is correct on such projects as the film 'Amelia'(Amelia Earhart)which will grace our cinemas soon.

Keep an eye out for David's work by following his magnificent blog, 'The Art of Vintage Leather Jackets'. Of course none of this traditional craftsmanship comes cheap but if you have ever come to the conclusion that you need the 'ONE' leather jacket of your lifetime then perhaps you need to be talking to David. David's attentiveness to the miniscule details that define the Zen of making leather jackets is second to none.