Monday, November 9, 2009

The Sea is my Brother

Jacket Kerouac circa 1942.

Rising from the ashes of post World War II conformity and suppression in a blaze of spontaneity, experimentation and alternative thinking, the Beat writers instilled a way of thinking that was as radical as the literary mode carrying it. Now, we again need a movement that will reinvent radicalism and counter the conformity which surrounds us. Now is a time when literature, culture and society so desperately need to rise from the uncertainty created by straddling the ideologies of both post-war and mid-war thinking. We need to rebel against the suffering and lost identity created by the unification and degradation of economies. We need to stop living with moral, social, political and even environmental confusion. We need a new Beat generation.

The Papa's take on this is we need to counter the conformity of the surfing's Kremlin and reinvent ourselves in the image of our outcast forefathers!
The Sea is certainly the Papa's brother but he claims no linage to the industry that alienated his heroes.

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