Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Warp and Woof jacket is a killer!!

Of all Japanese brands one of my all time favourites is Warp and Woof in Daikanyama. In 1999 I commissioned them to make this 30's style jacket for me. I was amazed at the results!! Navy blue cashmere and wool with extraordinary detailing. It remains one of my best. Please take the time to check at their blog, http://warp-and-woof.blogspot.com/
I don't believe their garments are available outside of Japan but if you ever visit you must check them out.


  1. Papa..
    Im curious what a custom model such as this cost from the Warp

  2. David, understandably my memory is at a loss as it was almost 10 years ago, however I think it was in the vacinity of the 3-400 dollar mark. At the time I was there I was a senior designer for Levi Strauss Asia Pacific so was wheeling and dealing in trades, ie vintage denim, banners etc. I was also in possession of some great native american silver which I bargained with so all of this reduced the outlay considerably. Masato-san I believed was an ex-pattern maker for the Real McCoys and perhaps the most talented individual Id ever met. He made this jacket himself for me. He also made me a 30's studded jewelled belt with a sterling silver buckle that was nigh on $500, having said that Im still wearing it 10 years later almost every day. I guess I'll post that as well so you can see. The greatest shame of all is not being able to access this stuff outside of Japan, it drives me insane at times when I see how fantastic their stuff is and being stuck out here in the antipodes the likelyhood of obtaining it is very remote indeed.

  3. The belt was so beautiful I was blown away...I know what you mean...thus my little project!