Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Warp and Woof custom belt.

The thing that comes to mind to me about Japanese goods is quality and attentiveness to detail. I believe that this approach is inherent to them because of the concept of zen, which in many ways permeates their culture. In vintage clothing replicas they are in a class of the own. This is because every single detail is thoroughly researched and replicated to as an exacting standard as one can achieve. Exacting fabric construction and dye methods, moulding of hardware on zippers, buckles and studs are all of am unbelievable quality. Many western enthusiasts scoff at Japanese pricing but I can assure that this perfection does not come cheap. Case in example is my custom made belt from Warp and Woof.
The buckle is cast in sterling silver and is an exacting replica from a 1930's Montgomery ward catalog. I was present when Masato-san my artisan friend showed me the page in which the buckle featured. The native american twirling log design (swastika) features prominently as this design pre-dates the decree of the native american artists associations' decision to discontinue the symbol in response to the rise of fascism in Europe in the late 1930's. The leather belt with its stamp pays homage to the HH Hieser saddlery company of Denver Colorado, famous in its day for quality leathergoods. The belt also comes equipped with various key holders, money pouch and wallet attatchment. An amazing piece which I still wear daily after 10 solid years of use. With all the huzz buzz of the larger Japanese manufactures such as the The Real McCoys and Buzz Rickson, the smaller operations like Warp and Woof are still making and incredible product which deserves to be recognised. If you ever have the chance to visit Tokyo their store is a must stop over.

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