Friday, August 14, 2009

Canvas Tote Bags...does anyone have any leads??

The Papa is partial to a good canvas tote. There's Im sure many companies in the USA that do great bags but who are they?? In Japan its totesville, they seemed to turn up the most obscure canvas tote companies in the States and import them; so if you know of anyone doing great stuff send me a lead. The one featured in the photo is by KCP and the logo appears to be of PA origin USA. Can't find any details at all about them on the net though.


  1. Mr. Nui,

    The obvious choice would be Wm.J.Mills&Co for a hand-crafted canvas bag 'Made in USA'. But as with any well thought purchase "it is more complicated than that".

    Hal and Jillian Grano's make a beautiful bag at Utility Canvas. Mer make a colourful 'modern' bag. And, Warren Heim makes a 'modern industrial'. Duluth make a standard tote that is nice. Beckel Canvas offers a 'no fuss model'. I really like Estex bags. Filson have a canvas tote. Steele Canvas Basket Co.Inc. make a clean looking tote. And of course, BillyKirk have exquisite products... but the list goes on.

    Most of the links are posted at

    CN via Ethandesu

  2. Papa!

    your friends over at birdwell makes canvas tote bags and i'm sure they'd customize one for you you.

    I just stumbled into your blog. it's great!

    thanks for the reading material.