Sunday, December 13, 2015

Black Ops Birdwells.

Birdwell's are quite simply the best surf trunks on the beach, hands down, no argument and I won't even debate it, there is no point, you either know it or you don't.
But now there's a new attitude in Santa Ana and Birdies are taking their brand to the world. Social media posts, a blog page and a positive engagement with their customers means that the Birdwell family are taking their first tentative steps into the 21 century. There's even a new styling afoot with some of their trunks, narrower cuts, shorter rises and button flys, subtle additions that make their offering broader and dare I say groovier.
But for me it's their special projects that are catching my attention, especially so the new woodland camouflage release. The Papa has always been an advocate for custom Birdies in camo patterns but the Santa Ana crew have really outdone themselves with this addition to their product line, two ply nylon, button fly, tab closure for minor adjustments and best of all total black ops hardware. Black woven Birdies label, Black laces, black grommets and black buttons, its clandestine surfing at its best!

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