Saturday, January 10, 2015

An absence of months but new tees to show for it.

Sometimes we just get caught up in things and for the Papa its been a busy period of development and networking to ensure a brighter 2015. Add this to the convenience of papanuisays on Instagram and its easy to see how the blog can be neglected. For now then a glimpse of current projects, two new tees.

The Papa Fuckin Nui tee is the all time I don't give a shit print. Developed from a chance posting on facebook by Matt Stickland of  Warpath Leather regarding one's introduction to the Devil, the Papa was quick to capitalise on the quip. The quote more potent when considering the plight of independent makers globally competing in a market controlled by giants financed to the hilt. Papa Nui's punk rock ethos is underpinned by a killer skull graphic taken from a WWII Royal Navy battle flag and is printed on recycled tees from Dead Union Vintage. The art was recklessly compiled by young Adelaide artist Tobias Zwarthout whose brush stroke lettering makes these tees a defining statement of expression, "Im Papa Fuckin' Nui! who the hell are you?" a slogan spat eloquently at 'Inspiration' or the Devils doorstep, which ever comes first!

Number 2 on the hit parade is another longtime coming collaboration, this time with vintage aficionado, collector, artist and blogger supreme, Patrick Segui of Riveted. The Segui x Nui tee celebrates a mutual friendship built over the years via the net and based on an shared aesthetic of all things military, do it yourself and handmade. These are the very principles that Papa Nui was built on, a fascination of the resourcefulness of the soldier in the field, the can do attitude and the desire to make an old idea even better. Its a salute to the Seebees, the Riggers, the ground crews, the wheelers and dealers and a nod to Luther Billis and Milo Minderbinder.
The collaboration tee takes the form of the squadron mascot for VF-3 and bares the image of Felix the Cat. VF-3 was a aviation unit that flew Grumman F4F Wildcats off the decks of the USS Yorktown at the time of the battle of Midway and Patrick Segui's interpretation has Felix strumming on a banjo in a graphic style that enhances the feeling of a print done aboard ship whilst on active duty or 'field made'. The print is screened in water based inks and then hand painted by the Papa in an olive green acrylic wash, a technique passed onto the Papa by Patrick. The 'wash' gives the print depth and a sense of authenticity. Again the base tees are sourced via Canada by Dead Union Vintage so each one is completely unique and equally fucked up and used, yellowed and aged to perfection and resembling the personal tee of each Naval Aviator that grabbed theirs out of their kit to take down to some resourceful sailor who printed them up as unofficial totems for the squadron.

These tees are exclusive to the Papa and can be purchased for $45 USD. Email the Papa at for ordering and sizing info. All tees are limited to 30 pieces so to secure yours do not hesitate a moment longer alternately go to my store at

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