Saturday, September 27, 2014

Inspirational. The Papa's Ode to John Kelly.

   I have many inspirational figures in my life and often they fill a certain need or more likely they serve as an aspirational guide for me to follow, almost like a compass in some respects, I reach a certain point or come to a cross road and ask my myself what steps I would like to take and what path would my mentors choose. Their guidance although unspoken has clarity in my personal vision of how I want my future to manifest itself.
   One of my shining beacons is the late John Kelly (1919- 2007). John Kelly, surfer and artist, represents to me a lifetime commitment to the beach and the environment and embodies the art of ageless gracefulness.

Here is my favourite photo of him, taken by Art Brewer shortly before his passing several years ago. At 88 years old he stands straight and strong his shoulders pulled back revealing a life dedicated to pursuits in the ocean with skin caressed by the light of the sun and weathered by the salt and sand. Looking at this image I observe the contemplation and reflection, the appreciation of a moment, the strength and poise of conviction and a life spent in harmonious balance with the natural elements. My personal strength is drawn from aspiring to role models such as John Kelly who remind me daily of living in the moment and planting my feet firmly in the future. Rest well my brother and reflect in your endless sleep that many follow your path and your legacy is not quickly forgotten.

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