Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lost Platoon of Graveyard Atoll.

Early this morning the Papa and Chip were driving to the beach. As per usual once Chip has a captive audience the ideas flow in rapid succession. The subject today was songs for Chip's new recording with his band White Lodge. One song in particular I think will resonate well with my readers.

Lost Platoon of Graveyard Atoll.

In moonlight where all beauty sleeps, the night does purr the jungle creeps
And on the shore amidst indigo tides a choir of souls chant old war cries.
The spirits sing about battle lost, on how their lives were the final cost.
Never able to return home, in sand and thickets rest their old bones.
Not so faraway the world has changed but on these sands 1944 remains.

[ chorus ] Their eyes flicker and burn like candles in the night above the beach they haunt till first daylight.

Words property of  Hudson Tesoriero 2014.

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