Wednesday, May 23, 2012

AHOY! Masters of Vessels, Skippers and Mates avast!
The wait is finally over.

In the true spirit of 'field-made', the Papa has taken the humble Daisy Mae hat, added native labor and some good 'ol Seabee know how and rebuilt it from 100% cotton herringbone twill in the vintage frog skin camo pattern of the USMC.

The ultimate utility in sun protection this exclusive beach hat has a multi-layered soft brim styling with 4 panel construction and 8 breathable eyelets and is the essential addition to any summer kit. Shield your eyes from the shimming heat of Oriental waters, the fierce Pacific sun or the savage tropical coral glare.

The perfect combination of Papa's styling makes this hat an absolute necessity for beach landings and surf recon missions, standing in the chow line or tinkering under the hood in the motor pool and of course just the right attire for nocturnal manoeuvres inside the nurses compound.

A truly inspired piece that's individual, personal and looks better with every wear, so wash it, dry it, fade it, bash it, pop the eyelets out and trash it; the saltier the better.
Choose a look or wear it your own way!
The Napoleon with front brim turned back, is the choice of future Generals. 

The BARRYMORE, worn with the correct tilt, is for the casual debonair type. 
The PAUL REVERE is a tricorn effect and most becoming to slim, long faces.
The PORKPIE is for the studious type and is reminiscent of college campuses. 
Papa Nui's Surf Surplus & Supply department have created this limited edition run of only 30 hats to be sold world wide and exclusive to Papa's online cohorts.

So dont hesitate one minute, BUY one NOW! and join Papa Nui's Combat Beach Battalion.

Papa Nui's Combat Beach Battalion Hats are available in 3 sizes, 58cm, 59cm and 60cm and have been pre-washed for initial shrinkage. Orders should be placed by email to and payment through PAYPAL at the same address.  Hats are $45 USD plus $5 shipping by airmail to all locations worldwide. Please feel free to ask all questions prior to purchase.

Papa Nui, storming a beach near you.

 Papa Nui, Papa Nui's Combat Beach Battalion, Papa Nui Surf Surplus &Supply and Papa Nui Soul Crafted are all the intellectual property of John Tesoriero curator and author of the Papa Nui Says Blogspot.


  1. a job well done PAPA.... got a winner

  2. Looks like The Papa is taking the beach on multiple fronts and victory is assured.
    Welcome home and congratulations on a vision realized. Will be sending paypal payment right over for mine and doing our part to push The Papa's great work via and
    Let me know what size works best for a US 7 3/8 - 7 1/2.
    Well done mate!

  3. Very, very nicely done. Kudos.

    I'm contemplating about ordering, and I won't do it for too long :-)