Thursday, May 19, 2011


Back in the 90's, Sato-san from Toyoshima denim walked into our Levis Ebisu offices wearing this cardigan. An hour later he walked out in my loggers boots after a successful trading arrangement.
This morning I say good bye to this beautiful garment. The reality is after 12 or 13 years I could probably count the times Ive worn it on a bunch of fingers.
To me it looks like the most perfect replica of an early Bob Allen garment most likely from the 40's. Wool is solid and heavy with a tight gauge. the leather is also top notch. As usual with garments from the Buzz Rickson crew this cardigan is a really beautiful piece and worthy of cooler climes than I can provide. It is virtually brand new and could be considered a minty. Size is a generous 38, but actuals are as follows:
Shoulders 17" chest 42" sleeve 26".
Im putting it out there for my blog friends first on sale at $150 plus postage of $38I'll give it a few days and if no one responds it'll end up on ebay for the masses to fight it out.

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  1. very nice PAPA .got one from the 40's in black without the shoulder pad.i do wear it quite often here in SF it sure is the perfect piece of garment with just a tshirt under.......