Sunday, February 6, 2011

Papa On The War Path.

Many of you are familiar with WARPATH Leathers, it seems to be one of those blogs that appears in just about everybodys watch list. Matt of Warpath makes great belts and the Papa decided to extend his patronage and have a custom belt done. Unlike the Japanese versions where perfection is key, Matt's style in leather is rugged, raw and tough and reminds me of campaign made items turned out by resourceful Sea Bees, Sailors and Marines during the Pacific War. In honour of this tradition the Papa set his new belt against a battered old pair of 5th Marine Division HBT's.
Check Matt out at;


  1. Wow !!! I didn't expect such beautifull pics like that. My eyes burn ha ha ha !!!
    Matt has made a great work again, what a killer !!! :)

  2. Thanks Papa! I had a blast making this for you. The Warpath style is more like the traditional hand made belts of the 30's and 40's, where as typically the Japanese go for a commercially made 50's style. There are a couple of guys who do things in this vein including Matsu who recently left L.A. to live back in Japan.

    All the belts are hand cut, dyed and done with only hand tools...made in USA in DETROIT!

  3. Great interesting outfit. Since my Mac doesn't/can't send you email directly please excuse my using the comment area. I enjoy your blog probably because I have some of the same interests. One thing I have picked up in your writing is a slight regret that you do not live in the United States or at least visit more often. Am I wrong? Believe me, I think your perception would be very different if you spent a great deal of time here. I have spent all my life in Los Angeles and Laguna Beach and the California I knew seems very much gone. Take your interest in sea shells. It will soon be against the law to correct them. One group doesn't even want shells used in show windows as decoration. Political correctness has curbed speech to such an extent that people don't really say what they think or feel fearing the accusation of racist. It is still a great nation but one in transition and the outcome uncertain. Too many people, too much consumerism, too much everything. Generations brought up on expecting life served on a silver platter. The recession has really freaked people out. Maybe the grass seems greener across the way and I assume your world is one of grass skirts, palm frond huts (which of course is silly) but I think you know what I mean. Anyway, again I greatly enjoy your blog and please keep up the fun. Thank you. Mike in Laguna

  4. Mike thank you so much, I really appreciate your comments. I've been Stateside 26 times over the years so I really don't harbor any illusions of the real America, having said that there is choice which is something that living in Australia doesn't really provide. Trying to be inspired is a full time gig and so yes everywhere else looks better. In reality where I live is geographically absolutely beautiful and my own unique take on the world makes it even more so. I'll do my best to keep blogging,
    Again thanks MIke.